Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Set


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Quick, Easy & No Glue Required!

Need a QUICK and EASY way to apply gorgeous eyelashes? 👁️👁️

We've got you covered!

This is an easy-to-use - luxury style: 
❤️ Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Set ❤️

      This Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Set makes wearing false eyelashes so easy and comfortable! 🥰

      Gorgeous and Professional-looking lashes - quickly and painlessly! ❤️

      Line your lashes with this pigment-packed, first ever Magnetic Liquid eyeliner formula. Get bold definition with an easy to use, precision tip applicator that makes lash lining a total breeze! 💯

      The Magnetic Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge proof and magnetic! It glides on smooth and stays on. The Magnetic Eyeliner doesn't move unless you take it off! There's no running, fading or flaking with the Magnetic Eyeliner! 🍾

      Attaching Lashes to the Magnetic Eyeliner

      1. Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner as you would normally apply your eyeliner. You can also use your regular eyeliner under the Magnetic Eyeliner.
      2. Add a 2nd coat. This is an important step!
      3. Wait a minute or two for the Magnetic Eyeliner to become dry. Liner must be dry to magnetize to the lash magnets.
      4. Starting with the inner corner, gently hold Lashes to eye. Lash will "jump" to the magnetic liner. Place the rest of the lash on liner.
      5. When you are happy with placement lightly press lash down to set it.

      Removing Lashes

      1. Gently pull lashes off
      2. Remove any remaining glue or makeup from magnets with any non oily makeup remover two phase works best. Do not clean lashes, only magnets, as this could damage the lashes.
      3. Store for future use in carrying case.


      • Quick and Stress-Free Application - Just draw your eyeliner on and pop on your magnetic lash to the liner. Refreshingly simple.
      • Comfortable and Long Lasting - They’re lightweight and flexible. Smudge/oil/water resistant.
      • Mess-free - No glue. No residue. No sticky fingers. No smearing.
      • Fits your makeup routine - You were going to wear eyeliner anyway, right? Only a few extra seconds to pop your lashes on.


      • Trimmable from both ends
      • 5 magnets, 1cm-1.5cm lash length

      HOT Selling! 🔥

      Packake Includes:

      ❤️ 6 Pcs - Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Set: ❤️

      • 1 Magnetic Eyeliner ❤️
      • 1 Pair of Magnetic Lashes ❤️
      • 1 Eyelash Case with Mirror ❤️
      • 1 Eyelash Applicator tweezer ❤️


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