Laser Acupuncture Pen

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Most of us have heard how acupuncture is effective but we are reluctant to try it because of two reasons, scared of the needles that will prick our skin and time-consuming. Well, we have good news for you! Introducing our Laser Acupuncture Pen!

The new technology presents a new way of treating body pains effortlessly! And this is our Laser Acupuncture Pen. Needless acupuncture, meaning no needles involve so it is totally painless. Very safe to use, no side effects, no more worries with skin allergic reaction with ointments and other pain reliever medicine.

Truly a great product that everyone must-have. Can serve as a facial massager or pain reliever. No need to spend so much time to have acupuncture. No need to be scared of needles. Lightweight so you can bring it anywhere and treat yourself anytime and anywhere.

How To Use
1. Put AA Battery in it.
2. Choose the strength of the electric output (can be seen in the LCD display) 0 to 9 by pressing the start button.
3. Simply apply it to the part where you need it.